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Yazmin Miller

Yazmin Miller
Yasmin Miller is a London-based artist who specialises in surrealism and nakedness. She’s inspired by her part-Christian background as well as her conflicting desires and experiences, science and humanity.

"I decided I wanted to be an artist when I was a kid, after I entered a Starbucks drawing competition and came first and won a pair of Clark’s school shoes. I started to take my painting and drawing more seriously in 2018. Slowly I've been finding my own style through experimentation with different forms and mediums. I like to reuse anything I can find in bins, or out and about, repurposing items which would otherwise be discarded and finding new life in them.

Most of my art has little to no explanation and that’s because I don’t want to influence anyone’s interpretation or how they feel when they see one of my pieces. No one will have the exact same idea, so the meaning of my pieces change each time and that excites me."


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