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Jeri Oye

Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer

Jeri Oye
Jeri Oye, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, hailing from North West London.

I was initially pushed by my parents to take piano lessons at the age of 7, and quickly developed a love for playing, eventually completing my classical training. Along the way, I also picked up drums and bass guitar, and started to produce music on my laptop. It grew from making simple beats in FL Studio to more musically complex arrangements .

Creating music to me is creating art, language and emotions – an entire experience for the listener. The power of music to subliminally influence one’s mood and communicate feelings, even without lyrics, still amazes me. It’s this feeling that motivates me to keeping learning and improving as both an instrumentalist and producer. I also enjoy live performances (experiencing them as well as producing them) and sharing my enjoyment with other people.

Outside of music, I enjoy fashion amongst other creative outlets, engaging in new experiences and taking on new challenges. I do usually tend to keep to myself, but I always enjoy talking about music and all things creative. I also love working and collaborating with different artists across all formats and disciplines!

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