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12 Sept 2020

Dear Bollywood: A Somecallmewale Beattape


I think the best way to describe this project is as a token of my appreciation. My appreciation for a culture and genre of music that touches my soul in a way that not many other genres can.

As an artist, I love to demonstrate my inspirations by trying to recreate the same feelings which influence me. The feeling stirred when I’m listening to Snoop Dogg’s or Suga Free’s music is the same feeling I try to capture when making something remiscent of their era. The sensation felt when listening to Sinead Harnett or DEAN is usually what I strive to capture when delving into creating soulful, melodic music.

“This project stands as love letter, an ode, and as a thank-you to the culture that has gifted me hours of joy through music, movies and food.”

That is exactly what I set out to do with this project. I didn’t want to completely re-make the songs, or completely change their vibe, but rather adapt them. I drew inspiration from their richness, depth and unique mix of culture. Not forgetting the blend of musical techniques and motifs found in this genre of music, rarely found in any other. Not only this, but I had to respect that these songs are not just ‘songs’. To many people, they mean so much more. I wanted to do my part in celebrating and sharing this genre of music in my own way.

photos from the promotional shoot

Dear Bollywood: A Somecallmewale Beattape. A collection of five remixes, each touching on a different area of Hip-Hop and R&B. Lo-Fi, UK Drill and Trap are but a few of the genres you will hear whilst listening to this project, whilst also being able to experience the iconic musical masterpieces upon which these remixes are built.

Good music transcends language barriers, and despite these songs being in Hindi/Tamil, what makes these remixes so great is that they preserve the magic of the original tracks!

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